Save Lives Now – COVID 19

Nonprofit organizations and community development associations formed the Community Support on Corona Virus to coordinate community and voluntary sector support for communities across Nigeria during COVID-19. ‘When the crisis hit, we were quite conscious of the increased numbers of people needing to self-isolate and shield, as well as their need for medication to be supplied […]

Vehicle Donation

We are currently executing community initiatives in rural districts, using public transit to get to nearby intervention sites and hiring private automobiles and buses to get to far-flung locations. Hiring private transport and buses is really quite expensive, and it can often result in problematic circumstances that are far beyond our control. Due to the […]

Women and Youths Empowerment

We’re all about empowering women and making a positive societal impact. We looked at what we had in our area – human resources, craft, and raw materials – and decided to support the community’s most vulnerable members. WRE is dedicated to maximizing the capacity of women and youths to effect long-term, equitable change. We place […]

Access to Safe Drinking Water in Nigeria

We provide advocates for effective leadership and capacity building. While serving as a voice for the voiceless in the pursuit of a better country. It is not ethnic, religious, or political in nature. We have a tremendous desire to serve humanity, and one of our top priorities is to respond to incidents of abuse against […]

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