Girl Child Education Programme

Olufunke started selling stuff on the side of the road when she was 13 years old to help her mother out at home. She met a 40-year-old man who offered to look after her and assist her with school supplies while she was there. She became pregnant as a result of her actions.

Her father died when she was seven years old in 2015, thus her mother has been battling for a long time. When she asked for money and her mother replied she didn’t have any, she was concerned. She was in excruciating pain in order to obtain the funds. So she reasoned that perhaps she might also discover a means to obtain the funds she requires. She met a man on the side of the road where she is selling roasted grand nuts. But something wasn’t quite right.

What happened to her was a result of financial difficulties. she had a financial emergency. Her school didn’t collect tuition, but there were some books that were required to be purchased. She is always done well in school. During the academic year, she even passed her older sister.

However, things were quite difficult. She had no idea she was expecting. Her mother drove her to the hospital, where they performed a pregnancy test, which came out positive. Olufunke showed the man who got her pregnant, and the man offered to help with the fees, but her mother was working on a police case, and the man fled. He never longer returns home. He doesn’t answer his phone whenever I call him. As a result, she completely forgotten about him.

She is not the bashful sort, and she don’t give a damn what other people think. Only three months after having baby, she returned to school. When she comes to the house to breastfeed the baby during break time, she sometimes brings her friends with her. But it has completely altered her intentions. Otherwise, she has been in Senior Secondary School (S.S.S) by now. She is thrilled to be back in school; she believes she is the only woman in their village who has given birth and returned to school. She is considering becoming a doctor. But, after SSS, her goal is to work even harder so that her son can attend a world-class school, where he may learn and become even better than her in the future.

She always point out that girls, especially those under the age of 18, should not follow a male. She believed they’ll say all kinds of sweet things to you, but after having an affair with you, they’ll treat you like trash or something. We must concentrate solely on our schooling. You can’t go back in time once the circumstance arises. It’s not simple to give birth. I usually see other girls in the village who are following men and at times call them to offer advice. Because she is aware of the ramifications.

Olufunke Advice to others: The key to success is education. It is quite difficult to succeed if you are not educated. Other girls who have had kids should return to school and disregard anyone who says anything, focusing solely on their studies. They should be supported by their parents, and they should not be ignored by their teachers. Thanks to Wider-Reach Empowerment Initiative who came my aid and my mother looks after the baby, and she has sent me back to school because she believes I will succeed in the future. We are still cash-strapped, but my mother and I are both selling by the road side. My son, on the other hand, is quite amusing. He’s a rare find. Who help a Woman, Help the institution.

Girl Child Education Programme

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