Access to Safe Drinking Water in Nigeria

We provide advocates for effective leadership and capacity building. While serving as a voice for the voiceless in the pursuit of a better country. It is not ethnic, religious, or political in nature. We have a tremendous desire to serve humanity, and one of our top priorities is to respond to incidents of abuse against women and children.

These attributes led us to Ago-Iwoye a town in Ogun State south west, Nigeria to witness how difficult to get clean and fresh pipe borne water. One of the most important natural resources is water, which is absolutely necessary for the existence of humans, their hygiene and biological needs. Every human needs every day a certain amount of clean freshwater. Moreover, water plays the most important role for the social and economic development and the improvement of living standards. The rational use of water resources plays a vital role for the sustainable development of every country’s economy and agriculture.

Our records show that people from this path of the country Nigeria had no access to adequate drinking water supplies, and nearly half of the people using unimproved water sources. In this contests please DONATE to save a life by providing good, clean and drinkable water.

A significant proportion of the people living in this community continue to use rivers, ponds, lakes and harvested rain as their main sources of water supply, this category of people faces great risks to their health and wellbeing. Statistics indicate that Nigeria did not meet the MDG target of having by 2015 the population without adequate access to improved drinking water sources.

There is a high incidence of childhood diarrhea despite the intensive activities of the National Diarrhea Control Program in the area. This is due to the unavailability of potable water especially in Ago-Iwoye part of Ogun State Nigeria, in reviewing the prevalence of diarrhea in these community children over a period of 7 to 10 years observed that 4,000 children under the age of 3 years died annually from this disease condition. Also, children within this age range (0-5 years) are reported to experience on average 4.3 episodes of diarrhea annually.

We revealed significant variations in the functioning public borehole water should be installed in the study area. Based on the major findings in the study, we implored all our sponsors, our well wishers, International NGOs to come to their aids in the area of regular water supply to the existing public pipe borne-water standing points in this area. This will undoubtedly improve the present situation and will meet the residents’ daily needs for water consumption and domestic use, which continue to increase day by day.

We come to conclusion that groundwater (Boreholes) is the only source of water that can saved as a reliable source water supply to the affected communities effectively and the population had confirmed to us that various types of water supply had been provided in the past but today no one is operating.

We will decentralize water supply using overhead tanks storage, we will also decentralized boreholes to various parts. With the largest percentage of users one of the three types of water supply, borehole mist of water supply were selected in Ago-Iwoye.

Access to Safe Drinking Water in Nigeria

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